Monday - Friday

Caroline Corley - 5:30AM - 11AM

Caroline Corley started her radio career at Georgia State University in Atlanta. At the time, WRAS was the largest, entirely student-run radio station in the country. “We actually made rock and roll history once when Bob Geldof of The Boomtown Rats came in to the studio. Back then, the station had one of those loud old-fashioned teletype machines like you see in the movies. There was some big story coming across the wire and the damn thing was so distracting that Bob stopped the interview to read the story live on the air. Inspired by that news report, later that afternoon he penned the biggest hit record of his career, I Don’t Like Mondays.”

Having been brainwashed by years and years of watching WKRP In Cincinnati, Caroline left her childhood home in Atlanta to chase her rock and roll dreams up and down the dial. After being fired from every (yes, EVERY) rock station in Denver she came to New York to collect legendary station call letters like Pam Anderson collects rock star boyfriends – WLIR (just before their tragic demise), WYNY when they were country (just before their tragic demise), and WCBS-FM (just AFTER their tragic demise!).

She considers it an honor to be the “go to” guy at The Peak. “I only got this job because I told Chris Herrmann that I lived 3 miles from The Peak and if anybody ever called in sick I could be here in, like, 10 minutes.”

Caroline lives in Elmsford with her Chocolate Lab, Mick Jagger. “He’s a rock and roll God! I mean dog…he’s a rock and roll dog.” She hopes one day to have a real job and to own furniture that doesn’t require assembly.

11AM - 3PM - Chris Herrmann

The radio bug bit me well before the age of 10 - my dad has pictures of me showing off a radio I had built from a kit at about the age of 8. I'm also a bass player and music and radio have always been an important part of my DNA. Music brings me such joy and I can't imagine my life without it. By high school I was a DJ, and in college I became Music Director of my fully commercial FM station. My broadcasting career has included relatively few stops in 25 years - something I'm very proud of! WHJY/Providence, WCSX/Detroit, WBOS/Boston and now 107.1 The Peak. As The Peak's Program Director I couldn't be prouder of this station and its great staff. In just a short few years we've built a station that has a profound and positive effect on its listeners and advertising community. I'm reminded of it daily when I meet listeners and read the email we get. The Peak is the station I would create for myself anyway and it's a dream to be able to come here and be a part of it every day.

3PM - 7PM - Jimmy Fink

I've been working in broadcasting for almost four decades….it's a career that has included several radio and television networks, major market stations and production & advertising companies in the New York and Washington, DC metropolitan areas. 

With a degree in Speech Communications, in the early 1970's I got a summer job in New York radio at WABC-FM. That summer job eventually turned into a 13 year stint with ABC at their New York flagship FM station, WPLJ and on their affiliates through the ABC Radio Network. Over the years I have worked for ABC, CBS and NBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, HBO, Cinemax, and syndicators like United Stations Radio Network, DIR Broadcasting and The Global Satellite Radio Network….I guess I have become a permanent fixture in the New York rock & roll radio broadcast community. In the 80's & 90's, I spent 10 years at Infinity Broadcasting's local station in NYC, WXRK (K-Rock), and wrote and produced several nationally syndicated radio programs including Rolling Stone Magazine's Continuous History of Rock & Roll, RockWatch and New Waves for NPR. Doing those shows, I had the opportunity to interviewe a ton of celebrities, rock stars, bands and political & sports figures. Some brief impressions of just a few of the people I have interviewed:

David Bowie- very polite & well spoken
Wilt Chamberlain- the biggest hand I ever shook
Billy Joel- a regular guy
Elton John- talkative & friendly
Paul McCartney- I was staring at his finger nails and shoes!
The pseudo metal band Ratt- idiots!!
Steve Winwood- need to edit his stuttering
Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart)- their dog was crawling all over me
ZZ Top- farting all through the interview
Thomas Dolby- a genius
Robin Gibb (Bee Gees)- one of my favorite interviews of all time

For the few years when I was out of radio, I ran a bakery, built some houses in Westchester, owned a restaurant, did some freelance marketing and raised a family. I've been a lifelong resident of Westchester County and dedicate a lot of my time to two specific charities, The Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Open Door Family Medical Centers, where I'm a member of their Foundation Board. I joined The Peak near its inception in June of 2004. After seeing a bus poster for a new radio station and listening for a half hour, I knew I had to work there! I'm married with three kids; my son's in college and I have twin girls in high school.  

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Rob Arrow - AFTER HOURS - 7PM - Midnight

As a pre-schooler, my favorite toy was the record player. My older sisters introduced me to pop music on AM radio in the early 60s and I watched “American Bandstand” every afternoon on TV. The arrival of The Beatles triggered my total obsession with rock’n’roll. I started listening to the radio habitually and began collecting records. By junior high school I was dee-jaying parties. After hearing WMMR play Springsteen’s “Rosalita,” I knew I wanted to be a dj that broke exciting, new recording artists. When I wasn’t in class at Boston University, I was at its college radio station; listening to its library exponentially furthered my education in recorded music. Internships led to jobs as Music Director at WCOZ Boston, WHJY Providence and, WAAF Worcester/Boston. Later, I advanced to Program Director of KXFX Santa Rosa and Operations Manager of WEZX and a group of stations in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. I’ve also worked with scores of other radio stations across the country as a radio programming consultant with the Pollack Media Group and Harris Communications. But the most gratifying experience of my career has been at The Peak, which stands apart from all the other stations. Thanks to the discerning listeners of Westchester County and its environs, I’m playing the selections and music mix I’ve always dreamed about playing!

Bruce Figler - Weekends

Who says you can never go home again? My first job in the radio business was right here at 107.1 back in the day, when it was a Westchester rock station known as WRNW. At the time, I went by the air name ‘the Figman'. After four years there, I made radio stops at WTFM and WAPP in New York City, before noticing that radio was growing stale and tired… I, in turn, began growing tired of it, so in the mid ‘80's I opted out of the radio business to pursue a new challenge as an audio/video producer and voiceover artist (which I continue today). Always though, in the back of my mind, was a return to the airwaves, ‘if' and only ‘if', the right station came along. Well, it was a long time in coming but finally in 2004, that station came along. After serving as an appreciative listener for over a year, I decided that in 2005, the time was right and signed on.

I have lived in Westchester now for 30+ years and I love it here….and I can't underestimate the importance to me, of having a local, independent radio station that not only plays music that I know and love, but also introduces me to compelling new music in many different genres.

Much has changed in my life since my first stint at this frequency; marriage, kids, career…but what hasn't changed is my love of great music…and great radio! …And quite simply, that's what brought me back to this FM frequency, now known as 107.1 The Peak.

Pam Landry – Weekends

I began my 25 year on-air adventure at this very same frequency – 107.1 - back in the 80's when it was WZFM and located above a bank in Pleasantville. Between ZFM and The Peak, I've made a few radio stops including now-defunct Stamford jazz station WJAZ, WVIP-FM, Mt. Kisco , CD101.9 in New York City and , most recently, 19 years at New Haven rocker WPLR.

I was born and raised in New York 's backyard…born in New Rochelle and raised in Mamaroneck …and am as happy as a little girl to be on the air at The Peak.

Kerin McCue – Weekends

This is my second go-round at 107.1 FM. I've been a radio guy for more than twenty-five years. Back in the day, I hosted both the morning show and the all-request Saturday Night Special when the call letters were WZFM. These days, you can find me behind the mike on Saturday afternoons on The Peak as well as filling in wherever needed. I  love the music, especially the way the newer sounds of today's groups and artists mix with the more classic-rock elements that are also a part of The Peak. And as for the rest of the airstaff, I've never worked with a friendlier, more talented group of people. (As for the listeners, you guys are THE BEST!)

You can also find me on WOR, 710AM playing the part of a News Anchor. In addition, I'm a radio and TV commercial voice-over artist. Narrating audio books and providing character voices for films  and TV programs round out my resume. Oh... I'm also the very proud father of two, beautiful and talented daughters! (...but I had a lot of help with that ;)

I'm a life-long resident of New York's backyard and you can often spot me riding my bicycle along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail.