Listen Live

How to listen to 107.1 The Peak over the internet:

If you are connected to the internet, you can most likely listen to 107.1 The Peak without issue if you are in the continental United States.  If not, you will need a VPN and an IP address that is based in the continental USA.

If you are using an Amazon Alexa device, we urge you to set up our Alexa Skill.  Here’s How:

  • Say this to your smart speaker “Alexa ENABLE 107-point-1 The Peak Skill
  • Then when you want to listen say “Alexa LAUNCH 107-point-1 The Peak

That’s it.  Easy.  And now better sound if you hadn’t previously set up this skill.

If you are using a Sonos device, use the TuneIn app embedded in the operating system.  Search for The Peak using “107.1 The Peak WXPK” and we should come right up.  Make sure to save the preset!

If you are on a PC, just go to our website at  (Where you are now!) At the bottom of all the pages there is an embedded player.  Just hit the play button and off you go. You can also do this from any browser on your smartphone.

We also have a snazzy new browser based player and playlist available here:  WXPK-FM Radio (

If you are using an iOS device (Apple iPad – iPhone – iTouch,) go to the App Store and download and install the FREE Peak App.  Search “107.1 The Peak” or “WXPK” to find it.  You can also just use a web browser.

If you are using an Android device, go to the Android Marketplace or Google Play and download and install the FREE Peak App.  Search “107.1 The Peak” or “WXPK” to find it.

If you are using a Blackberry, we strongly suggest the free app called “TuneIn Radio.”  In our experience it has been the most stable and full-featured of the apps available. Download and install that from the Blackberry App World.  Once installed, search for WXPK or 107.1 The Peak and then save us as a preset/favorite.   

There are hundreds of apps that will allow you to listen to our stream directly – from iTunes to VLC to a myriad of iOS, Android and Blackberry apps.  There are also many internet enabled radios that will allow you to listen directly as well.

First, you’ll need our new web addresses:

HE-AACv2 – Stereo:

(If you were using this one – – we’ve moved to a new web hosting company and it no longer works!)

Next, you’ll need to make sure your app or hardware will decode HE-AA2 or aacPlus v2 if you want to use the first address.  HE-AAC is an audio compression format that has become the industry standard because of its great sound and low bandwidth.  Think of it as the modern successor to MP3 (which is now 30 years old.)  In our experience, almost all modern hardware and software will decode aacPlus.  You just need to set up a preset with the above web address.  Each app and hardware is different, but the approach is the same.

We’re happy to help – send an email to   and I’ll do what I can get you hooked up!  Our stream sounds fantastic and we’d love to have you listening this way.