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Monday – Friday

Coach 5:30AM – 10AM

My name’s Chris Rodriguez but my friends call me Coach. I was born and raised right here in New York’s backyard. I started listening to radio in the early 90’s right around when grunge broke through. I was one of the millions of people my age who’s lives were altered by Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album. Right around the 6th grade I finally saved up enough money to get my own stereo. I marched down to the old Caldor in Port Chester with my grandmother, because I needed her senior discount, and she christened my CD collection with Nirvana’s “Unplugged In New York” album. After that my CD collection grew rapidly and I would sit in my room and put together makeshift radio shows with the music I liked. I would try and imitate the DJ’s I heard back then on New York radio (one of them was Jimmy Fink but shhh don’t make him feel old). I’ve been listening to this frequency since it was X107 when I used to tape an hour of programming at night and listen to it on the school bus the next day. I ran my college radio station at WCC where, because of my coaching youth basketball, I earned the moniker “Coach”. It was here where I earned a reputation for being brutally honest on the air and speaking my mind. I’ve just been itching to be on the radio ever since. It’s truly an honor to be on these airwaves. What will I say and play next? Tune in and find out.

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Chris Herrmann – 11AM – 3PM


The radio bug bit me well before the age of 10 – my dad has pictures of me showing off a radio I had built from a kit at about the age of 8. I’m also a bass player and music and radio have always been an important part of my DNA. Music brings me such joy and I can’t imagine my life without it. By high school I was a DJ, and in college I became Music Director of my fully commercial FM station. My broadcasting career has included relatively few stops in 25 years – something I’m very proud of! WHJY/Providence, WCSX/Detroit, WBOS/Boston and now 107.1 The Peak. As The Peak’s Program Director I couldn’t be prouder of this station and its great staff. In just a short few years we’ve built a station that has a profound and positive effect on its listeners and advertising community. I’m reminded of it daily when I meet listeners and read the email we get. The Peak is the station I would create for myself anyway and it’s a dream to be able to come here and be a part of it every day.

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Jimmy Fink – 3PM-7PM


I’ve been working in broadcasting for more than four decades….hosting shows on several major market radio stations, television networks, and production & advertising companies in the New York and Washington, DC metropolitan areas.  Some shows I’ve written, produced and hosted have been heard on various networks and syndication groups both nationally and internationally.

With a degree in Speech Arts from The American University in Washington, DC, in the early 1970s I got a job in New York radio at WABC-FM… a summer job that eventually turned into a 13-year stint at WPLJ the ABC owned NY flagship station and on their affiliates through the ABC Radio Network. Over the years I have worked for ABC, CBS, and NBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, HBO, Cinemax, and syndicators like United Stations Radio Network, DIR Broadcasting and The Global Satellite Network. In the 80s & 90s, I spent 10 years New York’s K-Rock (WXRK), and wrote and produced several internationally syndicated radio programs including Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Continuous History of Rock & Roll,” “RockWatch,” and “New Waves” for NPR.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with a ton of celebrities, actors & actresses, rock stars, bands and political & sports figures. Sadly, some of them have passed away since. Some brief impressions of just a few of the people I have interviewed:

David Bowie- he was very polite articulate; Wilt Chamberlain- the biggest hand I ever shook; Billy Joel- just your typical Long Islander; Elton John- talkative, friendly and funny; Paul McCartney- I was in awe sitting next to a Beatle; The pseudo metal band Ratt- rude and conceited idiots; Steve Winwood- stuttering throughout the interview….needed to do some major editing; Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart)- their dogs were crawling all over me; Don Mattingly- his handshake practically broke my wrist; ZZ Top- they were farting bad and nationwide during the interview in the Waldorf  Hotel; Thomas Dolby- a genius, spoke with him multiple times; Robin Gibb (Bee Gees)- one of my favorite interviews of all time; Jason Mraz- so creative and quick witted; Guster- Just about the friendliest guys you could want to meet

For the few years when I was out of radio, I ran a bakery, built some houses in Westchester, owned a restaurant, traveled and raised a family. I’ve been a lifelong resident of Westchester County and dedicate a lot of energy to two specific charities: The Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Open Door Family Medical Centers, where I’m a past member of their Foundation Board. I joined The Peak near its inception in June of 2004. After seeing a bus poster for a new radio station and listening for a half hour, I knew I had to work there! It’s the most creative station with the broadest format any radio lover could want to work for.  I’m married to a girl I went to high school with and we have three kids; twin girls and a boy, all adults working and living in NYC, My son Robbie is one of the leaders of the band East Love.  My daughters are Allie and Lucie.  Allie’s in finance and Lucie’s a lifestyle host, video producer and internet influencer.  She makes cool videos for brands, many of which have millions of views.  Follow her on Instagram @luciebfink.

My show on The Peak, from 3-7 PM Monday through Friday has several daily features.  We check traffic twice an hour between 4 and 7 PM.  Just before 5 every day, I present “The Peak Homestretch,” an hour of commercial free music to provide the soundtrack to your late afternoon activities during rush hour, and then “After 6” every day, we let it all hang out, with a creative and unformatted hour of great rock music from past and present, presented in a free form way that you can’t find anywhere on New York radio.  I also write produce and voice the 10@10 show heard every weekday at 10 AM & 10 PM….ten great songs from one great year with tunes you will hear on the radio only on The Peak.

Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram @Jimmy_Fink to see some cool pics and read my posts and escapades in the never ending universe of World Class Rock.


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Pam Landry


I began my 25 year on-air adventure at this very same frequency – 107.1 – back in the 80’s when it was WZFM and located above a bank in Pleasantville. Between ZFM and The Peak, I’ve made a few radio stops including now-defunct Stamford jazz station WJAZ, WVIP-FM, Mt. Kisco , CD101.9 in New York City and , most recently, 19 years at New Haven rocker WPLR.

I was born and raised in New York ‘s backyard…born in New Rochelle and raised in Mamaroneck …and am as happy as a little girl to be on the air at The Peak.

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