Every weekday morning at 10AM & 10PM, join the Peak for the “10 @ 10!” We play 10 great songs from one great year completely commercial free. Brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. Click here for more info.>>

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At the end of a long work day, Jimmy Fink plays an extra-long set of world class rock just when you need it the most.   Click here for more info.>>

Weekdays after 6pm it’s time for “After 6 with Jimmy Fink.” Join Jimmy for an hour of Peak programming that is  more daring, deeper, different and distinct. Click here for more info.>>


Every Wednesday, The Peak gives you a first listen to some of the new songs and artists that have caught our ear.

9pm Monday-Friday | Hosted By: Meg White

Are you a fan of the 90’s? Join host Dina Dessner every Saturday night from 8pm – 10pm on 107.1 the Peak for 90’s @ Nite. Each Saturday evening we’ll hearken back to the days when MTV actually played music videos .. and Beavis and Butthead of course. Click here for more info.>>

Join 107.1 The Peak on your Sunday mornings for the quieter side of World Class Rock.  Mostly acoustic and all good. Sunday Mornings Over Easy are brought to you by Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialistst. Click here for more info.>>

From 9PM – 11PM, The Peak welcomes Rich Russo and his show “Anything, Anything” to NY’s Backyard.
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