Chocolate or Conversation Hearts?

According to, New York's favorite Valentine's treat is STILL the original Conversation Hearts-- but we're surrounded by a Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates in Connecticut and New Jersey! One thing is for sure... it doesn't matter what you get, it's the thought that counts when you're telling someone you love them!

On their website, it stated: 

"People are going to be shelling out big bucks this Valentine's Day - the National Retail Federation's survey says we'll be spending a whopping $25.8 billion, slightly down from last year's $25.9B. But we'll be spending more on significant others than ever, a record $14.2B.

The number of people buying candy for Valentine's Day is expected to be at a new record high with 57% of consumers."

That's A LOT of candy... but it's all in the name of LOVE!

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