Chris Herrmann

The radio bug bit me well before the age of 10 – my dad has pictures of me showing off a radio I had built from a kit at about the age of 8. I’m also a bass player and music and radio have always been an important part of my DNA. Music brings me such joy and I can’t imagine my life without it. By high school I was a DJ, and in college I became Music Director of my fully commercial FM station. My broadcasting career has included relatively few stops in 35 years – something I’m very proud of! WHJY/Providence, WCSX/Detroit, WBOS/Boston and now 107.1 The Peak.

As The Peak’s Program Director I couldn’t be prouder of this station and its great staff. Over nearly two decades we’ve built a station that has a profound and positive effect on its listeners and advertising community. I’m reminded of it daily when I meet listeners and read the email we get. The Peak is the station I would create for myself anyway and it’s a dream to be able to come here and be a part of it every day.

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