Meg White

Meg White is a long time resident of NY's backyard, by way of *non-gentrified* Brooklyn. She's been on the air for a little over 5 years (if you don't include the pandemic). When she's not behind the microphone, she's likely tending a bar. Meg lives a very active lifestyle and has hiked nearly every trail in Westchester and considers herself, not a gym rat, but maybe more of a gym mouse. An avid animal lover, and fur-mom to a 13 year old blind cat, Meg is a champion for many animal charities including Best Friends Animal Society, Friends of Animals(FoA), and the ASPCA. During her spare time, when not gallivanting around the woods of Westchester, Meg sees as many concerts as possible, she insists that live music is good for mental health (statement not evaluated by the FDA). Directly correlated to her love of live music, Meg has an extensive band swag collection (started in '00) that grows with pretty much every show. 

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