With a heart that beats in 4/4 time and an undying love for the raw energy of #WorldClassRock, I’ve been immersed in the music business for over 20 years. My journey into the world of music began in New York’s Backyard - Pearl River, NY. As a freelance fiddle player, I cut my teeth in New York City and Los Angeles, sharing the stage with artists like Flogging Molly, The Pogues, PINK and AJR, performing at legendary music venues and on nationally broadcasted shows like Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel and The Tonight Show. These years on the stage laid the foundation for a career driven by a relentless passion for good music. 

I’ve donned various hats during my time in music - from a music educator in schools to an executive at iconic music organizations like Carnegie Hall and The GRAMMY Awards. These roles have not only deepened my understanding of the intricate tapestry of music, but also connected me with the artists who shape its future. 

Whether it’s sifting through dusty vinyl records in hidden record stores, performing with the latest emerging act or engaging in thought-provoking conversations with the visionaries behind the music, my commitment to music and #WorldClassRock goes beyond the airwaves. It’s an honor to be part of the stellar lineup of DJ’s at The Peak whose love for music is so profound.

When I’m not spinning tunes on the radio, I step into my role as the household CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer - teaching my two young kids the ABC’s of AC/DC and giving my husband a crash course in best rock guitar solos. Parenthood: where every day is a backstage pass to the ultimate concert of chaos and love! Haha!

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